About 2020 RMP 

Utilizing Big Data to provide Big Results

2020 RMP was founded in 2013 with one simple goal, to help providers realize more net revenue for the essential services they provide to their communities by providing the most comprehensive post discharge eligibility discovery program possible. Our leaders have over 100 years of combined experience in healthcare and specifically in the insurance discovery arena.   

Many businesses involved in health care share common goals and face many of the same financial, marketing and regulatory challenges. Health care is different from other goods and services: the healthcare product is ill-defined, the outcome of care is uncertain, large segments of the industry are dominated by nonprofit providers, and payments are made by third parties such as the government and private insurers. Some of these factors are present in other industries as well, but in no other industry are they so prevalent. It is the interaction of these factors that tends to make health care unique and one of the most complicated industries, especially the billing and collection processes. 

Again, our goal is to help healthcare providers achieve their mission by identifying lost revenue utilizing data analytics, technology, skilled staff, and a comprehensive process designed to find those needles in the haystack.  Our process is very transparent, and our long-term goal is to provide regular and consistent feedback to our clients to help them improve their own internal processes. With our mission to continue to provide quality services to our clients, we can truly say we have never been terminated from any of our clients to date. 

Our experts will work with your team to build the best post discharge eligibility detection program possible with minimal disruption to your existing process and staff.